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"I wish people could just say how they feel like ‘Hey I really don’t like when you do that to me’ or ‘Hey I’m in love with you’ or ‘Hi I really miss you and I think about you all the time’ without sounding desperate. Why can’t everyone be painfully honest and just save people the trouble."
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Why is pinup style clothing so expensive? WHY?!?!?!

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Electro Swing, dope dancing and dope music. Makes me wanna do more swing dancing!

Confession: I actually really like (some) electro swing

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Struggling to find shoes for swing



I’m currently just wearing a pair of old work shoes that have worn down bottoms to swing. They work okay, but have a hole in the side of the one. I need better ones.

Everywhere on the internet says Aris Allen or Keds. Keds don’t have a size 11 women’s, and the flat Aris Allen models that come in size 11 all say on the website that they fit small and you need to go up a size, so, I can’t. There’s no size 12.

It’s super super disheartening. Any lindy hoppers have any other suggestions for me? 

If I could find a cute maryjane shoe that has a leather sole rather than a rubber one, I’d be even okay with that. I fucking HATE being a size 11.

edit: okay now this random site i’m on does have women’s size 11 keds, wtf. I guess I’ll just have to get one of those for now, but ideally i want a dressy pair eventually.

Any old shoes you like, and then suede ‘em! Afterwards, they’re only ideal for indoor dancing, but that’s okay! You can glue suede on yourself or you can take them to a shop that should do it for relatively cheap. I wear Chucks, personally. Constantly. Chucks chucks chucks. 

Behold! Found deep within the recesses of the Aris Allen website, I have found for you a pair of Mary Jane wedges for $12.95 which apparently run true to size (or a half size smaller, but they only have 11s in stock). I seem to recall hearing/reading somewhere that those shoes weren’t of the highest quality, but you can’t really beat the price. There’s also this, which is a 3” heel - but it’s on sale and apparently runs true to size. I went to the shop by size tab and this was all that showed up for a size 12; this is what showed up for 11.5. Of course, you’ve probably looked this up yourself - but hey, maybe not. The website can be kind of tricky, so I suppose it can’t hurt to give you the links anyways. :)

Looking at what other people said, there are some things I agree with and other things I disagree with. I definitely agree with the suggestion of getting your shoes sueded. You can truly get whatever kind of shoe you want that way. However, I disagree with the suggestion of character shoes. I have a pair and they are just too slick. If you can find a suede sole character shoe, then more power to you! But you seem to be interested in flats. I found this website, which seems like a good possibility for you. (However, I’ve never ordered from them and I don’t know anyone who has, so I can’t vouch for them - but they look good and are averagely priced.)

And a note from personal experience - a lot of people buy dance shoes that are too big for them. Sure, the website says “true to size” - but that’s not really what you want for a dance shoe. Your dance shoes should be almost painfully tight when you first get them. Your dance shoes should be gripping your feet. Have you ever noticed how, when you buy a street shoe that’s just your size, it fits great for a little while but soon becomes ever so slightly too big? For everyday life, that’s fine. But for dancing, you absolutely cannot have a shoe that’s even slightly too big. Your balance will be off, you won’t feel in control, you won’t have proper technique. Having ill-fitting shoes can be detrimental to your dance life, but a lot of people don’t know that their shoes are too big! Everyone’s dance shoe sizing is different. I have a friend who wears a 9 street shoe but a 6.5 dance shoe. I personally wear a 6 street shoe and a 5.5 dance shoe. And as far as Aris Allens go, I definitely wear a 5.5; I bought three pairs in a size 6: Oxfords, rug cutters, and canvas sneakers. Only the rugcutters fit the way they should. Anyways, all that is to say: be careful when purchasing dance shoes. I hope this helped and made sense!

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Twenty One Pilots- Holding Onto You [Watch]

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Project 365: 8/9 Lanterns - Just off Jamaa el Fna

This is beautiful


Project 365: 8/9 Lanterns - Just off Jamaa el Fna

This is beautiful

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there, i summarized their entire relationship for you

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Forever not knowing what to say if people ask me if I’m a Christian.


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