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Sometimes, the lindy hop scene is pretty incredible.

This is absolutely amazing. 

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"The power of thought is the light of knowledge, the power of will is the energy of character, the power of heart is love. Reason, love and power of will are perfections of man."
Ludwig Feuerbach (via itsquoted)
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The Central Nervous System, containing the brain and spinal cord.

This is who you are.



The Central Nervous System, containing the brain and spinal cord.

This is who you are.

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Midwest Lindyfest 2013: invitational jack and Jill

Agggghhh there are so many amazing dances in this!!!!! And Pamela Gaižutytė is the bomb.

I identify so much with Joanna. I’m 5’2… and half the time I feel like I’m dancing with a giant. (And half the time people probably feel like they’re dancing with a kid.) But Joanna gives me hope. And props to Todd for not being hunched over to “compensate” for the height difference. This is how it’s done, leads.

Pass that on to the ballroom gents in my club, please. 5’1” reporting for duty. Sort of.

Attention, ballroom gents in swing-dancer-for-life's club, and dancing gents in general: If you are dancing with a petite follow, please do not slouch or bend over in order to do what you believe is compensating for the height discrepancy. No such thing is needed. Proceed with your dancing as usual, making adjustments only when necessary and natural. With regards and swingouts, Fiona.
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We’ve all been there: you buy that brand-new pair of Keds (or Aris Allen sneakers, or City Sneaks) and within a couple weeks, the shining white canvas has devolved into quite the unpleasant shade of filth. Give it a little more time, and all the sweat you’ve worked up during dance has…

For all of my dancer friends! Keds and shoes like them can get pretty nasty pretty quickly. I couldn’t handle the filth of my favorite pair anymore, so I sought out ways to return the canvas to a color closer to white than dirt and remove odors.

Here’s what worked for me! Includes before and after pictures. [Insert oohs and ahhhs here]

I hope this helps!

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Peggy Carter vs Sexism

Peggy is my hero.

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